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The typical participants in an

online casino

eco-system consist of the following service providers:

Software and Game Integration

Service Providers: Online casinos often partner with software providers to offer a diverse range of games.

Service Delivery: Integration of casino games into the platform, ensuring smooth gameplay, graphics, and sound.

Platform Development and Maintenance

Service Providers: Web development and IT teams within the casino or contracted third-party developers.

Service Delivery: Creating and maintaining the online casino platform, ensuring functionality, security, and user experience.

Payment Processing

Service Providers: Payment gateway providers, financial institutions, and cryptocurrency networks.

Service Delivery: Secure payment processing for deposits and withdrawals using various payment methods.

Customer Support

Service Providers: In-house customer support teams or outsourced customer service providers.

Service Delivery: Addressing user queries, technical issues, and providing assistance through channels like live chat, email, and phone.

Licensing and Regulation

Service Providers: Regulatory bodies and legal consultants.

Service Delivery: Acquiring and maintaining proper licenses, adhering to regulations, and ensuring legal compliance.

Anti-Fraud and Security Services

Service Providers: Security experts, fraud prevention companies.

Service Delivery: Implementing measures to prevent fraud, protect user data, and ensure secure transactions.

Marketing and Promotion

Service Providers: In-house marketing teams or external marketing agencies.

Service Delivery: Promoting the casino through digital marketing, advertising, and promotional campaigns.

Affiliate Programs

Service Providers: Affiliate management platforms and teams.

Service Delivery: Managing relationships with affiliates who promote the casino and earn commissions.

Responsible Gambling Services

Service Providers: In-house responsible gambling teams, external organizations.

Service Delivery: Implementing tools and features to promote responsible gambling, including deposit limits and self-exclusion.

Mobile App Development

Service Providers: Mobile app development teams or third-party app development companies.

Service Delivery: Creating and maintaining mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

Live Dealer Services

Service Providers: Live casino software providers.

Service Delivery: Offering live dealer games with real-time video streaming and interaction.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Service Providers: Analytics platforms, data analysts.

Service Delivery: Collecting and analyzing user data to improve the user experience and marketing strategies.

Localization and Language Support

Service Providers: Localization experts, translation services.

Service Delivery: Adapting the platform to multiple languages and regions to cater to a diverse audience.

Educational Content Creation

Service Providers: Content creators, game experts.

Service Delivery: Developing guides, tutorials, and educational content about casino games.

Tournament Management

Service Providers: Tournament management platforms.

Service Delivery: Organizing and managing casino tournaments and competitions.

Innovation and Upgrades

Service Providers: Development teams, technology partners.

Service Delivery: Continuously updating the platform with new features, games, and technological advancements.

These services collectively contribute to the overall functioning, appeal, and success of an online casino. It’s important for online casinos to carefully select and manage their service providers to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for players.

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Minimum Business Plan


Company Description

Provide a comprehensive overview of your company, including its vision, mission, goals, and target market.

Explicitly mention territories where your services are forbidden, such as the USA, France, Australia and specific Dutch Caribbean Islands etc.etc.

Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

Detail your sales and marketing strategies, including your target customers (age 18+), and describe how you will promote your products or services.

Products & Services

Products & Services

List the games and gaming platform you will offer. Include information and screenshots for each game, covering the following aspects:

  • Registration and Account Opening
  • Log in and Log out
  • Terms and Conditions/Rules and Procedure
  • Player Obligations
  • Payouts
  • Withdrawals
  • List of Provided Games
Operational Plan

Operational Plan

Explain your payment platform and provide a financial paragraph with the following details:

Investment Schematic: Show the type of investments, projected costs, and sources of funding. Explicitly mention loans and the relationship between the lender and the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO).

Financial Projections: Provide detailed financial estimates for the first, second, and third years.

Money Flows: Describe money flows, including billing agents used and payment processors.

Description of Third Parties: Include details of all third parties providing or expected to provide services, especially marketing services. Elaborate on the services they will offer.

Management & Organization

Management & Organization

  • Describe key individuals and owners within the company.
  • Provide a company control structure schematic, indicating who holds control and explicitly identify any nominee controllers and their purposes.
  • Include a company ownership structure schematic, showing ownership distribution, and explicitly identify any nominee owners and their purposes.

By meeting these minimum requirements in your business plan, you will ensure transparency and compliance in your operations.

Comprehensive Online Casino License Acquisition Requirements

When acquiring an online casino, certain technical information must be provided to ensure compliance and transparency. Here’s a checklist of the minimum requirements:

Games Description: Provide a detailed description of the games offered.

Platform Provider: Include the name and track record of the platform provider.

Complaint Email: Specify the email address for handling complaints related to all domains.

Target Market: List the target markets for your online casino.

Geo-blocking Confirmation: Confirm that geo-blocking measures will be applied to prevent access from jurisdictions where the service is prohibited by local law.

Test Log-in Credentials: Supply test log-in credentials for platform testing purposes.

Third-Party Software Providers: List all third-party software providers, such as Evolution and Net-End.

Game Offering Arrangement: Describe how and by whom the games will be offered to players.

Payment Processors: List the payment processors that will be used for transactions.

Player Communication: Explain how players will reach the casino, whether through a website, app, and provide details on quantity and arrangement.

Business Plan: Include a comprehensive business plan outlining your strategy.

Domain Ownership Proof: Provide proof of domain ownership.

Software Agreements: If in-house software is used, describe testing and quality maintenance arrangements.

Disaster Recovery Plan: Outline your disaster recovery and contingency plan.

Content Providers: List all content providers for your casino.

Platform Testing Reports: Share platform testing reports.

Infrastructure Schematic: Provide a schematic of your technical infrastructure.

Player Terms of Service: Include terms of service for players, accessible through clickable links.

AML Manual: Present your Anti-Money Laundering (AML) manual.

Responsible Gaming Information: Offer information on responsible gaming practices.

RNG Testing: Detail Random Number Generator (RNG) testing procedures.

Self-Exclusion Information: Provide information on player self-exclusion options.

Integrity Declaration: Make a declaration confirming the absence of integrity issues.

Control Governance Structure: Describe the governance structure of your company.

Website Requirements

In addition to the technical documentation, your website must include the following accessible features:

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Clickable Terms of Service: Users should be able to access and accept the terms of service through clickable links.

Self-Exclusion Option: Provide an accessible self-exclusion feature.

Responsible Gaming Information: Offer information on responsible gaming practices.

Dispute Resolution Information: Include details on dispute resolution processes.

Complaint Email: Display the email address for submitting complaints.

AML Provisions: Share information about Anti-Money Laundering provisions.

Fairness and RNG Testing: Explain fairness measures and RNG testing.

KYC Policies: Describe your Know Your Customer (KYC) policies.

Privacy and Data Management: Inform users about data privacy and management of personal information.

Account Payout and Bonus Arrangements: Detail account payout procedures and bonus arrangements.

Ensuring that your online casino meets these requirements will contribute to a transparent and compliant operation.

Required Personal Documents and Source of Funds Disclosure

When setting up an online casino with Sadekya, we require specific personal documents and additional information to ensure compliance and transparency.

Please provide the following documents:

Certificate of No Criminal Record (not older than 3 months): Submit a recent certificate confirming that you have no criminal record. This document should not be more than 3 months old.

Certified Copy of Your Passport: Provide a certified copy of your passport for identification purposes. Ensure that it is a valid and up-to-date copy.

Bank Reference Letter in Your Name (not older than 3 months): Furnish a bank reference letter issued in your name. This document should not be more than 3 months old and serves to verify your financial standing.

Utility Bills in Your Name (not older than 3 months): Include utility bills, such as electricity, water, or gas bills, in your name. These bills should confirm your residential address and must not be older than 3 months.

Comprehensive Description of Your Source of Funds: To maintain transparency and regulatory compliance, provide a detailed explanation of the source of funds that will be used to establish and operate the online casino. This includes a breakdown of investments, income sources, and a clear understanding of the origin of the capital.

Ensuring the timely submission of these documents and the comprehensive description of your source of funds is crucial for a smooth and compliant online casino setup process. Your cooperation in providing these documents and information is greatly appreciated.


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