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Asset Protection

A Private Foundation is a legal entity which you can use to hold your properties, bank accounts and other assets to protect these against future creditors, whilst keeping your identity private.

Benefits of Private Foundations in the Curacao:

- Private Foundations are not subject to any form of taxation in the Curacao. Consequently, they enjoy a generous tax exempt status and are exempted from income tax, distribution withholding tax, estate tax, real estate tax, inheritance tax and sales tax.

-  The Private Foundation law mandates that members of the Private Foundation council (also known as “Council Members”), Supervisory bodies, or any persons or institutions who on account of their duties become aware of information relating to the activities, transactions or operations of a Private Foundation are required to maintain strict confidentiality, even after its termination.

-   The law does not require the names of the ultimate Founders, Beneficiaries or Protectors to be revealed.

-   There is no requirement to file annual meeting of the Private Foundation Council, Founders or supervisory bodies.

-   There is no limitation whatsoever as to perpetuity.

-   The Private Foundation may carry out any kind of holding or investment transactions, anywhere in the world and in any currency.

-   Founders, members of the Private Foundation Council and Beneficiaries may be natural persons or corporations of any nationality domiciled       anywhere in the world.

-   Founders need not be a Member of the Private Foundation Council.

-   Founders and members of the Private Foundation Council may be Beneficiaries of the Private Foundation.

-   There are no limitations as to the maximum number of Founders, Council Members or Beneficiaries.

-   Founders and Private Foundation council Members may hold their meetings anywhere in the world and may be represented by proxy.

-   The Curacao forms part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and have their highest court of appeal in The Hague in the Netherlands.

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